It’s The Boden Sale, People!

December 18, 2015
boden sale
  1. Fair Isle Jumper
  2. Slogan Slipper Shoes in velvet. How better to channel one’s inner Hugh Heff?
  3. Statement Sequin Top, and I mean it when I say that this shouldn’t be reserved for date nights only. Wear it whilst doing your weekly shop, and wear it proud, I say!
  4. Slouchy Tote
  5. I am in love with this Corsage Party Dress for Big Red. If they sold a matching Mumma version I’d wear it daily.
  6. This Holiday Necklace would perk up any grey slub t-shirt or breton stripe comfort clothing day.
  7. Pretty Fair Isle Cardigan for Little Red so that we could walk around in knitwear harmony.
  8. Velvet Bunny Slippers
  9. Lastly, although these would be for Big Red, I’d most certainly be trying to squish my own feet into them.


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